What Are Some Resources for Comparing Laptop Computers?

What Are Some Resources for Comparing Laptop Computers?

Resources for comparing laptop computers include specification and model comparison sites such as ProductChart.com and SpecOut.com, as well as buying guides from sites such as CNET.com or PCMag.com, as of 2015. Many online retailers, such as Best Buy, also offer laptop specification lists or tools for comparing different models, as well as buying guides.

ProductChart.com allows users to view a list of many current laptop models. This list features a top-level summary of major features, such as processor speed, hard disk space, screen resolution and weight. It also contains tools for narrowing listings by internal features, such as drive type or amount of RAM, as well as by brand and model.

The Laptops section of SpecOut.com contains a side-by-side comparison of many major laptop models, offering price, screen size and RAM as the main factors. View the individual page for any laptop on the site to view additional details.

CNET.com and PCMag.com regularly publish articles that compare new laptop models throughout the year, correlating to major shopping holidays, product releases or events such as the start of a new school year. These articles offer short reviews of different laptops, highlight their best and worst features and make recommendations according to user needs.

BestBuy.com offers a buying guide that explains different terms applicable to laptops, including the most common hardware features of the current laptop generation. The article links to various product listings on the site, which users are able to compare through a special comparison tool.