How Do You Reset a Windows Vista Pasword?

How Do You Reset a Windows Vista Pasword?

To reset a Windows Vista password, use a password reset disk or USB flash drive, or alternatively reset the password through an administrator account. If the computer is on a domain, the password can only be reset by the network administrator.

To reset the Windows Vista password using a password reset disk, type the wrong password in the concerned field in the login screen. Wait for the message that reads "Username or password is incorrect" and then click OK.

Next, click on Reset Password, and insert the password reset disk. This activates the Password Reset Wizard. Click Next on the Wizard, and choose password reset disk from the options available. Now, type the new password and an accompanying hint. Click Next, and then click Finish. Log in to Windows Vista using the new password.

The administrator of a computer can reset the Windows Vista password via the administrator account. To do this, log in to the administrator account, click Start, type lusrmgr.msc and the administrator password, and press Enter. Then, double-click on Local Users and Groups and select Users. Locate the user's account, and right-click on it to select Set Password. Type in the new password, and retype it for confirmation.

A password reset disk can be used provided it is created before the password is forgotten. Some files may be permanently lost when the Windows Vista password is reset by an administrator. If a password reset disk or administrator account is not available, Windows Vista must be reinstalled.