How Do You Reset Your Windows Password?

How Do You Reset Your Windows Password?

Windows users can rest their forgotten passwords by using a password reset disk or via another administrator account on the computer. Users whose computer is part of a domain should directly contact their system administrator for a new password.

To reset the password of local user account on a domain, follow the steps below.

  1. Open User Accounts
  2. User Accounts can are accessed by first clicking the Start button then selecting Control Panel. While in the Control Panel Window, select User Accounts then finally click on Manage User Accounts. A password or confirmation may be required to access the user accounts.

  3. Find user account name
  4. While on the Users tab, find and select the user's account name, under "Users for this computer," then click on the Reset Password option.

  5. Reset Password
  6. After typing in the new password, confirm it and click OK.

Password reset keys can be used multiple times on the same users account. To reset a Windows password via a password reset key, follow the instructions below.

  1. Attempt to log on with the wrong password; when the message stating the password is incorrect appears, close it by clicking OK.
  2. Click Reset Password and insert the password reset USB flash drive or disk.
  3. Once the Password Reset Wizard appears, follow the steps to complete the password reset.
  4. Once the new password is created, it can be used to log on.

Users who are not on a domain and don't have access to another administrator account on their computer or a password reset key will have to reinstall windows.