How Do You Reset Windows 7?

How Do You Reset Windows 7?

To reset Windows 7, back up important files, turn off the computer, and unplug everything except for the keyboard, mouse and monitor. Turn on the computer and access the Advanced Boot Options Menu. Under Repair My Computer, select the option to restore hard drives and system software.

  1. Back up important files

    Using an external hard drive or flash drive, back up important files and data because Windows reset deletes all current files.

  2. Turn off computer and disconnect hardware

    Shut down the computer and unplug all hardware except for the mouse, keyboard and monitor. For laptops, unplug the device from the docking station or charger.

  3. Access the boot options menu

    During startup, press the keyboard shortcut to access the Advanced Boot Options Menu. The startup screen indicates which keyboard shortcut to press, depending on the computer's manufacturer.

  4. Repair your computer

    Using arrow keys, select Repair Your Computer and hit enter. Navigate to System Recovery Options. Depending on the manufacturer, System Recovery Options may require additional menu selections to access.

  5. Revert to factor settings

    Select the option to reformat hard drives and restore system software. Click Next, and allow at least five minutes for the system reset.

  6. Restart computer

    Click Finish and restart the computer. Install previous backup files and data, if any.