How Do I Reset the Service Light on a Volvo S70?

There are five steps to resetting the service light on a Volvo S70: pressing and holding the odometer reset button, turning the ignition switch to the "run" position, releasing the reset button when the SRL flashes, turning the ignition off and then back on to confirm the reset. Other Volvo models require different series of steps, depending on the model and the year it was manufactured.

Resetting the service light on a Volvo S70 is a fairly straightforward repair. The steps work for the Volvo S70, V70 or C70 models.

Once these five steps have been successfully completed, the service light in the Volvo S70 should not illuminate any longer.

The Volvo S70 was manufactured from 1998 to 2000. The S70 is a sedan model that has four doors and seven different types of engines to choose from. The S70 model is very similar to the V70 model, which is a station wagon.

The cars were assembled and manufactured in three different locations: Torslanda, Sweden; Ghent, Belgium, and Halifax, Canada. The S70 model of Volvo was an update to the Volvo 850 model, featuring a more rounded finish.