How Do I Reset My Secret Question on Hotmail?

A secret question, also referred to as a security question, can be reset by going to the official Hotmail website, logging into the desired Hotmail email account, accessing the "options" tab, selecting the "manage your account" feature and then selecting the "view and edit your personal information" option. Locate and select the "change" icon inside the "question" area of the "password reset information."

Re-enter the password to the email account in order to pick a new security question. After picking the desired question, key the answer into the answer area. Clicking the "save" button ensures the changes will take effect.

It's important to pick a security question that is easily answered, as security questions are usually answered when someone forgets their password. Because of this, it is important to pick a question that does not take a lot of thought or guessing to answer, especially if the question comes up in the far future.

At the same time, though, it's also important to make sure the question is not too easy for someone else to answer. For added security, it's also recommended to change the password after changing the security question, so the account is more protected.