How Do You Reset Your Router?


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To reset a router to its original default settings, press the Reset button and hold it for at least 10 seconds, or the amount of time specified in the owner's manual. Power cycle the router if it does not return to full power within a minute of the reset.

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  1. Press the Reset button

    Find the Reset button on your router. Look in the owner's manual or at an online instruction guide if you have difficulty finding it; this button is red for many manufacturers and models.

  2. Give the router time to reset

    Hold the Reset button for the time indicated in the owner's manual; 10 seconds is generally enough time, although some models require 30 seconds. Check the power light, if applicable, to make sure that it is blinking to show that the device is resetting, or consult the owner's manual for signs that the reset is taking place successfully.

  3. Reset the power going to the router

    Unplug the power adapter that feeds the router, and then plug it back in. Wait for any blinking lights to stabilize, referring to the owner's manual for specific lights to watch. Power cycle the router by unplugging the power adapter again for at least 30 seconds if the router does not stabilize.

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