How Do You Reset Your Phone to Factory Settings?


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To reset a phone to its factory settings, access the security settings of the device to erase all the data stored in it. To complete the process, restart the phone.

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To access the security settings of the phone, open the menu of the device, and click on the Settings option. From among the options under Settings, choose Security. Then, click on Reset Phone. Some phones have a Clear Data option for resetting the phone to its default settings.

Both these options delete all data, including photos, music, emails and applications stored in the phone while resetting the device back to its factory settings. Allow the phone to turn on automatically, and complete the reset process by restarting the device.

The method for resetting a phone to its factory settings varies between phone models. Some phones use a combination of two or three keys to perform the reset, whereas some devices, such as smartphones, can be reset using a computer. Also, the location of the Reset Phone or Clear Data option varies between phone models.

If it is not possible to restore the phone to its factory settings via the phone's security settings option, access the model-specific phone resetting instructions by referring to the phone's manual or contacting the phone's service provider for assistance.

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