How Do You Reset the Password on a Gateway Computer?

Most versions of the Windows operating system used on Gateway computers allow users to reset a password using a password recovery disk or USB drive. These items must be created before a password is changed or forgotten, however.

Password reset disks are created in the User Accounts portion of the Settings menu in most versions of Windows. Once the disk is created, inserting the disk and selecting the option to Use Your Password Reset Disk initiates the password reset procedure. This disk must be created on the same computer associated with the password to work correctly. It is not possible to create a password reset disk on one computer and use it to change the password on a different computer even if the computers have identical hardware and operating systems.

There are some options available for resetting the Windows passwords on a Gateway computer even if a password reset disk is not available. However, these alternatives are not always successful and require more technical expertise than using a password disk. One common alternate method of this kind is to use a Windows installation disk to replace certain executable programs with the Command Prompt program, and then to use that program to edit the computer's password files.