How Do You Reset a Password When Connecting to an Xfinity Router?


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Change the router's Wi-Fi network password by accessing its Web interface. When connected to the network, open a browser and enter into the address bar. The exact address may vary between routers, so check the user manual if this doesn't work. Once the login screen appears, enter the username and password, which should appear on a sticker on the router. On the sidebar, select Wi-Fi under Connection. Next to your network, click Edit, then enter a new Network Password.

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How Do You Reset a Password When Connecting to an Xfinity Router?
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To change the login credentials for your router's Web interface, connect to the router using the same method. After logging in, click Change Password in the top right of the administrator panel, and enter a new password.

Users who have forgotten their Web interface login credentials should reset the router. Start by unplugging the router's power. Press and hold the reset button; on some routers, this may require a pin or toothpick. While holding down the reset button, reconnect the router's power, and keep the button pressed for another 20 seconds. Allow the router time to reboot. Once the Web interface credential have been returned to the default settings, log in to the Web interface, and set the password as described above.

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