How Do You Reset an IPod?


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While the specifics of resetting an iPod depend on its model and generation, the iPod touch and the 7th generation iPod nano can be reset the same way. Simultaneously hold the Power and Home buttons until the screen goes dark.

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  1. Prepare the iPod to be reset

    Do not reset an iPod if it displays a message warning that it is still connected to a computer and needs to be ejected. Do not attempt to reset an iPod if it is still syncing. If the iPod displays any of these messages, go to iTunes and click the eject button next to the iPod's name.

  2. Press the Power and Home buttons

    Hold down the Power and Home buttons on the iPod nano or the iPod touch for at least 10 seconds, until the Apple logo appears on a black background.

  3. Repeat the process if necessary

    If the Apple logo does not appear after the given 10 seconds, release both buttons and then hold them down again.

  4. Connect the device to an outlet

    If still unable to reset the iPod, connect it to an adaptor and plug it into either an outlet or a computer. Make sure the computer is turned on. Let the iPod charge for a few minutes, then press the Power and Home buttons while the iPod is still connected to a power source.

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