How Do You Reset an IPad Password?


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To reset an iPad password, go to Settings, tap Passcode Lock, type your current password, tap Change Passcode, provide the new password, then click Done. Back up your data on iTunes before beginning this process to avoid restoring your iPad as a new device if you forget the new password.

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  1. Access the Passcode Lock menu

    To access the Passcode Lock menu, press the Home button on your iPad, go to Settings, tap the General icon, then tap Passcode Lock. Type in your current password, then tap Change Passcode to insert a new password.

  2. Insert the new password

    Type the new password in the provided blank space, then tap Next. Confirm the new password by typing it again, then tap Done. To avoid disabling your iPad due to unsuccessful log-in attempts, use a password that you can easily memorize.

  3. Confirm whether the new changes have been saved

    To confirm whether the new changes have been saved, tap Require Passcode, then choose Immediately. Type the new passcode when the iPad requests it before gaining access to its menu. To improve the security standards of your iPad, tap the Simple Passcode option, then tap Off. This option allows you to set a stronger passcode that includes numbers, letters, and punctuation marks.

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