How Do You Reset an IPad?

How Do You Reset an IPad?

To reset your iPad to its factory settings, back up all the contents to your iCloud account. Sign out of your account, go to the Settings menu, and then reset all content and settings on the device.

  1. Back up your iPad

    To back up your iPad using iCloud, tap the Settings icon. Select iCloud and then Backup. If your iPad is using iOS 7 or an earlier operating system, find the option labeled Storage and Backup. Tap on iCloud, and select Back Up Now. Alternatively, back up your iPad using iTunes. Plug your iPad into your computer. Select File from the iTunes menu, and then select Back Up.

  2. Sign out of iCloud

    After the backup is complete, sign out of iCloud. Tap Settings and then iCloud. Select Sign Out. If your iPad is running iOS 7 or an earlier operating system, tap Delete Account.

  3. Reset the iPad

    Tap Settings, General and then Reset. Tap Erase All Content and Settings. If prompted, enter your Apple ID and password.

  4. Ensure the iPad was reset properly

    Once the iPad is reset, restart the device. Check to see that the Home screen is the default screen. Check to see that all previously stored content was erased from the device.