How Do You Reset a Dynex Remote?

To reset a Dynex on a model such as the DX-32E150A11 to its default settings, press the Menu button, then the right arrow key to highlight settings. Press Enter to open the settings window, and navigate to the Reset to Default tab using the up or down arrow keys. Press Enter, and press on the left or right arrow key to select Yes from the confirmation box that opens, then press Exit to quit the menu.

For the Dynex model DX-LCD32-09, press Menu to open the on-screen menu with options such as Picture, Sound and Setup. Press the right arrow key and select Setup, and from the advanced Setup option, select Restore Default. Press the right arrow key or Enter, and select Yes from the pop-up message. Restoring the Dynex remote to default settings resets all customized settings apart from the parental rating and the password.

You can also reset individual settings on your Dynex television set to its factory default through your remote. For instance, restore a preset label by selecting Reset Label from the Settings tab of a DX-32E150A11 model and pressing Enter. From the remote control, press the Input button to display the factory setting label in the Input Source menu.