How Do You Reset Your BIOS Password?

Reset the basic input output system password using several methods including changing the position of the motherboard jumper, removing the complementary metal oxide semiconductor battery or installing a BIOS password software utility application. When problems persist, contact the product manufacturer for the proper reset instructions.

Most computer systems, particularly desktop computers, have an on-board password jumper, which can be used to clear BIOS passwords. Also known as a dip switch, this component can be identified through various labels including CLR, CLEAR, CLEAR CMOS, PASSWORD, PSWD or PWD. To reset the BIOS password on a Dell system using the built-in password enable jumper, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Turn off the computer
  2. Switch off the computer and disconnect the power cable from the electrical outlet. Remove the system unit's enclosure to access the motherboard.

  3. Locate and remove the password jumper
  4. Find the two-pin password connector, which is marked "PSWD," on the computer motherboard. Take out the connector and the computer chassis.

  5. Turn on the computer
  6. Connect hardware devices such as a mouse and keyboard to the computer and plug in the system unit along with the monitor to power outlets. Switch on the computer and allow it to boot.

  7. Turn off the computer
  8. Switch off the computer once the operating system loads. Disconnect the hardware devices and unplug the system unit and monitor from their electrical sockets. Ground the motherboard by pressing the power button.

  9. Replace the password jumper
  10. Remove the computer case. Return the jumper connector back to its original position on the motherboard.

  11. Check
  12. Replace the cover. Turn on the computer and check to ensure that the issue is resolved.