How Do You Reset Your Apple ID?

To reset your Apple ID, go to the My Apple ID website, click on Reset Your Password, then Forgot Your Apple ID, follow the prompts to provide your personal information and verification, retrieve your username, and select a new password. Apple offers three verification methods from which to choose.

  1. Reset your Apple ID

    Open your Web browser, and go to the My Apple ID website. Click on Reset Your Password. Enter your Apple ID username, and press the Next button. If you do not remember your Apple ID, select Forgot Your Apple ID.

  2. Enter your personal information

    If you also forgot your Apple ID name, enter your name and all recent email addresses. Press the Next button to continue.

  3. Choose your verification method

    After clicking Reset My Password or Forgot Your Apple ID, select your verification method. The three methods are answering your security questions, using email authentication or using two-step verification.

  4. Verify your information

    If you selected the security questions, enter your birthday, and then click Next. Answer the security questions, and click Next to set a new password. For email authentication, check your email for the verification message, and click on the link contained within the body of the message. Enter a new password, and press Reset Password. For two-step verification, select your device from the list to receive a verification code, and enter the code. Click Next, and enter a new password.