What Is Required to Change a Battery in a Polaroid Camera?

Polaroid digital cameras are the only models that use rechargeable batteries which require removal from the battery compartment. Disposable cameras contain fixed batteries and the original instant cameras have small batteries in their film cartridges.

Polaroid digital cameras are newer versions of the original instant camera. They typically contain a rechargeable battery that fits into a battery compartment and that is used to power the camera itself as well as the print capabilities. Rechargeable camera batteries typically charge either by plugging in the camera or by placing the battery itself in a charger.

Polaroid disposable cameras have no electrical components except those with flash capabilities. In flash-capable cameras, the small battery is affixed to the circuit board and cannot be replaced.

Original Polaroid instant cameras only contain mechanical components. There is, however, a small battery in the film cartridge that works to develop each of the ten shots in the cartridge. If a cartridge is unused for a long period of time, the battery may stop working and, in such cases, it is possible to remove the unused film and place it inside a working cartridge. However, utilizing replacement cartridges is recommended to prevent film exposure or camera damage. Despite the fact that Polaroid stopped making film for original instant cameras, users can still purchase compatible film from sites such as Impossible Film, which specializes in analog instant film and cameras.