What Is Required to Adjust Column Width in SharePoint?

Adjusting column width in Microsoft SharePoint requires the use of the Table Tools menu or can be done by right-clicking on the field to be adjusted. The program offers different settings for column width that can be changed by the user.

Microsoft SharePoint is a document sharing platform and offers many of the same menu options as other Microsoft Office products.The Lists tool allows users to set an automatic width or a custom width for the whole worksheet or table. The automatic setting creates equally sized columns that are a percentage of the total page width based on the total number of columns. The percentage changes based on the total number of columns added to the page. Alternatively, users may select the column-width drop-down menu to set a custom width for each column on the page.

Another method to change column width involves the Table Tools menu, where users can manually adjust column widths. Changing the column width in Table Tools allows the user to set a specific width for all columns. Measurement is offered in either pixels or points.

Users also have the option to adjust column width for individual columns. Users may desire to adjust only specific columns rather than every column in a spreadsheet or table. To do so, the user can select the column to be changed and drag to the desired width.