How Do You Request a New Phone Number From Your Cell Carrier's Tech Support Department?

In most cases, it is possible to contact your cellular carrier's customer service department by phone, email or online chat and request a change in phone number for your cell phone. Many carriers charge a fee for changing cellular numbers, and some restrict the number of times a customer can change the number for a given device within a certain period of time.

In addition to using phone, email and chat, customers of cellular carriers that maintain retail locations can request phone number changes in person at those locations. Sprint and some other carriers may also allow you to request a phone number change using an automated self-service tool on the carrier's website.

Customers who wish to request a new cellphone number should be aware that it is usually not possible to get an older number back after a new number is assigned to a phone, nor do most carriers allow customers to request specific phone numbers. In addition, any voicemail and text messages associated with the old number are typically deleted after a phone is switched to a new number. Most carriers advise customers to back up any important voicemails or text messages before requesting a new phone number.