What Are Some Reputable Options for Skip Tracing Software?

What Are Some Reputable Options for Skip Tracing Software?

Some reputable options for skip tracing software are TLOxp from TransUnion, MetroNet from Experian and FirstSearch from Equifax. These three companies are the major credit reporting agencies and typically have the most up-to-date contact information and records for the U.S. population.

The TLOxp tool has information on 95 percent of the U.S. population. TransUnion supplies users with contact information for an individual such as current phone number, address, relatives, associates and place of employment, along with email addresses, social network details, aliases, license information and assets.

Data used by Experian's MetroNet is updated on a continuous basis to give up-to-date phone numbers, addresses, employment and payment information. The tool allows users to search records beyond credit reports, such as real estate records, electronic directory assistance listings and national change of address records.

FirstSearch from Equifax is an easy to use database that supplies users with previous and current addresses, phone numbers with status codes, and cellphone information, and reports when the individual is deceased.

Skip tracing is the practice of locating a given individual's current location. The expression comes from the act of tracing or tracking down someone who has skipped town, typically to escape from financial or personal troubles. People who regularly employ skip tracing are private investigators, debt collectors, process servers, bounty hunters and repossession agents.