How Do You Reprint a Return Shipping Label on the Verizon Wireless Print Label Site?

Print a duplicate copy of your return shipping label for a Verizon Wireless product by signing into your My Verizon account and locating the label within your order history. This process only works for purchases made through the Verizon online store, not for products from a physical retail store.

When you purchase a device, such as a phone or a netbook, from, you need to create a My Verizon account in order to track your purchase and manage various aspects of the service that comes with the device. All online purchases include a prepaid return shipping label that includes your account number and the address of the nearest Verizon Wireless returns center in the event that you have an issue with the product. If you lose this label, you need to log into your account and access your order history to locate the specific entry for that device. From the purchase summary page, click on the link to reprint your return label.

Items purchased from a physical Verizon Wireless store or an authorized third-party retailer are not eligible for online returns, as of 2015. These items do not include return shipping labels, nor do they appear on any online accounts. You must take the item, along with your original proof of purchase, to the purchasing location to process the return.