How Do You Get a Replacement Manual for a Nexus 7 Tablet?


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To get a replacement manual for the Nexus 7 tablet, navigate to the Support section on the manufacturer’s website, Asus.com, select the Nexus 7 tablet, and download the manual. Alternatively, access the list of manuals for the Asus brand on ManualsLib.com, or download it from the Nexus 7 product page on websites of telecommunication service providers such as T-Mobile.

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On Asus.com, click on the Get Support link, type “Nexus 7” in the search field, and press Enter. Click on the Manual & Document link in the Nexus 7 section, and click on the Global link for the desired manual and language. On ManualsLib.com, navigate to the bottom of the home page, and click on the Asus link in the Brands section. Navigate to the Other section, click on the Asus Nexus 7 link, and then click on the desired manual to open it in a new page. Use the built-in reader to peruse the manual online, or click on the Download link to download the manual as a PDF file.

To access the Support section on T-Mobile.com, hover over the My T-Mobile button, and click on the Get Support link. Click on the Phones button, click on the View All link in the Android section, and select the 2012 or the 2013 version of the Nexus 7 tablet. Once the product page opens, click on Additional Info, select the User Manual option, and click on the Download link.

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