How Do You Replace a Toshiba Satellite User Manual?


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Replace a Toshiba Satellite user manual by downloading a free PDF version of theser manual at Support.Toshiba.com. The website contains downloadable user manuals for all Toshiba Satellite models. A PDF version of the user manual can also be found on the Toshiba Satellite computer.

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Go to Support.Toshiba.com and enter the specific Toshiba Satellite’s model number or serial number. A drop-down menu should appear once you begin typing the number. Once the correct model is found, click on the Manual & Specs tab. Click on the first link, and a new window should open containing a viewable user manual as a PDF.

To access the PDF user manual on the Toshiba Satellite computer, click on the Windows Start button. In the Search field, type “User” and hit Enter. Locate and click on the User’s Guide, and the PDF of the user manual should open on the computer.

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