How Do You Replace a Toshiba Hard Drive?


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To replace a Toshiba hard drive, first back up the old hard drive if possible, and remove all important files. Then, locate and remove the protective plate covering the physical hard disk, remove the drive, and replace it with a new one. Replace the protective plate. For safety, turn all power off, and remove the battery pack before working on the computer.

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To find the hard drive, turn the laptop upside-down, and locate the removable rectangular piece sometimes labelled "HDD." If the laptop has two hard drive slots, make sure to remove the one you need. Remove the plate by loosening the screws and very gently prying up the edges. For a Toshiba Satellite P10 or P15, you must remove the CD/DVD drive to access the plate covering the hard drive.

With the cover removed, simply slide the hard drive out of the motherboard by nudging it gently away from the connection. Some hard drives have plastic pull tabs to ease removal. Insert the new hard drive by placing it in the compartment and sliding it gently, but firmly, into the motherboard, ensuring a snug connection. Replace the hard drive cover by pushing the feet into place and tightening the screws.

With the new hard drive in place, use an operating system installation disc and backup files to transfer the necessary information onto the new disc.

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