How Do You Replace the Printhead in an HP Printer?

How Do You Replace the Printhead in an HP Printer?

Replace the print head in an HP printer by removing the cartridges and print head, inserting the new print head and installing the new cartridges. HP recommends the owner to return the malfunctioning components using the post-paid return mailing that comes with select new print head assemblies.

HP provides a replacement kit that contains a new print head assembly, instructions and a complete set of cartridges for print head replacements performed under warranty. HP printer owners with expired warranties can purchase for new assemblies from HP's Parts Store website. To replace the print head for the HP Officejet Pro 276dw, 251dw and 8600 series printers, follow the steps provided below.

  1. Open the cartridge access door
  2. Place unused, plain paper in the input tray. Switch on the printer by pressing the power button. Insert fingers into the slot located on the left portion of the printer. Pull forward to open the access door and enable the carriage to slide to the left. Wait until the carriage becomes inactive and quiets down.

  3. Remove the print head and cartridges
  4. Unfasten the handle on the carriage. Remove the print head, including the cartridges inside it, by holding on to the print head's sides and lifting the print head away from the carriage.

  5. Insert the new print head
  6. Hold the print head on both sides and place it inside the carriage. Ensure that the electrical contacts are facing the rear of the printer. Secure the carriage's handle.

  7. Install the new cartridges
  8. Insert the cartridges into their respective slots. Ensure that the cartridges fall into their allotted positions. Close the cartridge access door.