How Do You Replace the Printhead of a Canon Printer?


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To replace the printhead of a Canon printer, make sure the computer and printer are connected, lift the top front of the printer, and locate the empty cartridge. Remove the cartridge, insert the new cartridge, and close the front part of the printer.

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Power on the computer and printer to make sure they are connected. Locate the interior access door at the top of the printer, and lift it gently until the door opens fully. Next, locate the cartridge that needs replacement by inspecting the color on the top mounted label. Check the cartridge holding mechanism. If the ink cartridge is secured in place with an invisible tab integrated with its body, grasp the cartridge on both sides to remove it. If a hinged plastic clip holds the cartridge, gently lift the clip with your fingers to lift the cartridge from its seat.

Remove the replacement cartridge from its packaging, and remove the protective tape from the electrical covering on the top or bottom part of the cartridge. Insert the new ink cartridge into the space left by the old one, and press it down until it is securely in place. Close the access door. Wait for the printer to perform a test cycle indicated by a flashing light. After the test cycle, the printer is ready to print.

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