How Do You Replace a Missing Setup Manual for a Vizio TV?


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To replace a Vizio manual, go to the Vizio support website, click on User Manual at the bottom of the home page, and then input the television’s model number. This brings up a digital version of the corresponding manual, which you can download and print out. Some other manual-hosting websites offer free online versions of Vizio TV manuals.

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Before looking for a replacement Vizio TV manual online, you need to know the model number for your television. Three locations indicate this number: the side of the box in which the TV shipped, the quick-start guide that came with the TV or the back of the TV itself. The format of the model number begins with one or two letters that indicates series, a number that refers to the size of the TV and a dash followed by a letter and number, such as "E65-C3" or "RS65-B2"

Using the model number, find the manual for it by visiting the Vizio support website. Other web pages host manuals for all kinds of products from various manufacturers, including Vizio televisions. You can search these sites for manuals by manufacturer and model number. Once downloaded, it is easy to use the manual on a computer or other device or print the replacement manual.

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