How Do You Replace the LCD Screen on Your Laptop?


To replace the LCD screen on your laptop, remove the original LCD panel to get the model number, order a replacement screen and then install it. You should have a thin blade and a screwdriver with numerous small bits, such as a Torx T5 and a Phillips #00.

The laptop should be unplugged and the battery removed for safety. The bezel surrounding the screen needs to be removed in order to access the LCD screen. Some laptops have hidden screws somewhere on the bezel, and others may simply snap open. Find the screws, and remove them if necessary. Next, the thin blade can be used to pry the bezel loose and remove it.

The screws that mount the LCD screen should be visible. Unscrew them, and unplug the LCD panel. Be sure to put the screws somewhere safe. Examine the label on the LCD panel, and write down the model number. With this information, order a replacement LCD screen.

Compare the new LCD screen to the old one to make sure it matches. If everything lines up properly, plug the new LCD screen in just like the old one, and reinstall the mounting screws. Before reattaching the bezel, replace the battery and make sure that the screen is functioning properly. Replace the bezel, and screw it back in if necessary.