How Do You Replace a Laptop Screen?


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To replace a laptop screen, remove the bezel from around the current screen, then remove the screen by disconnecting all cables. Connect the new screen. Test the new screen to make sure that it works before replacing the bezel. Before replacing an LCD laptop screen at home, check to see if accidental damage is covered under the computer’s warranty.

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To begin, make sure that the laptop is powered off and unplugged from the electrical outlet. Open the laptop and look for any small rubber nubs that cover screws. Some laptops may not have screws; these may include clips or snap-on mechanisms instead. Next, remove the bezel, which is the outside frame of the computer monitor, and place nearby. Locate the cable connecting the screen to the rest of the computer. Hold the screen in one hand, raising it out of its seating. Disconnect the cable and place the old screen aside.

Remove the new screen from the packaging and firmly connect the cable. Place the screen into the seating, but do not replace the bezel. Turn on the laptop to make sure that the new screen is functioning properly. When it does, turn the laptop off and replace the bezel.

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