How Do You Replace the Ink Cartridge in an HP Printer?


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To replace the ink cartridge in an HP printer, such as the HP Deskjet D4360 and D4363 models, remove the old cartridge by sliding it out of its carriage, unpack the new cartridge, slide it into the empty carriage, and close the top cover. Finally, align the new ink cartridge by using the HP Solution Center utility.

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Power on the printer, open the top cover, and wait for the carriage to become idle once it moves to the right side. To remove the old cartridge, apply light pressure on its top, and slide it out of the carriage. If you want to replace the tri-color ink cartridge, remove the cartridge from the left slot. Alternatively, remove the cartridge from the right slot if you want to replace the black ink cartridge. Unpack the new cartridge, and remove the protective tape by pulling on the pink tab. While doing this, avoid touching the copper contacts and ink nozzles on the cartridge to prevent ink clogs and faulty electrical connections.

Tilt the cartridge slightly upward, make sure that the copper strips are on the bottom and facing the printer, and gently slide it into the carriage until you hear a snap. Once it’s firmly in place, close the top cover. To align the new cartridge, access the HP Solution Center utility via the Start menu, open the Printer dialog box from the Settings menu, select the Align New Cartridges option, and click Align to finalize the process.

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