How Do You Replace a Hard Drive?

How Do You Replace a Hard Drive?

To replace an internal hard drive, open up your computer or laptop, remove the old hard drive and replace it with the new one. You can also install the relevant operating software on the new hard drive.

  1. Obtain a replacement hard drive

    Whether replacing a damaged device or upgrading an old one, you need a new drive. Be sure that the new component is compatible with the computer or laptop you are using. Consult your manual to determine the type of hard drive you need.

  2. Remove the old drive

    If your old drive is still working, back up any data you wish to keep. Ensure you have access to the operating system and other software you use. Switch off and unplug your computer, and move it somewhere where you have plenty of space and light. Carefully open up your computer, and locate the old drive.

  3. Install the new drive

    Check the documentation with your new drive to make sure any switches or settings on the drive are correct. If possible, install it into the computer before reconnecting all the cables. Plug in your computer, and switch it on. You are now ready to install your operating system and restore any backed up programs and data.