How Do You Replace the Glass in a Cellphone?


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A touch screen, also known as a digitizer, can be replaced at home if the right tools are available and the person doing the replacement has a steady hand. The task involves removing the LCD chassis from the device's motherboard and then replacing the digitizer.

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It is important to keep all parts clean during reassembly and not to lose any parts of the device, including small screws. Installers are recommended to have one or two small bowls nearby in which to keep small parts while the device is disassembled. Other tools needed are the replacement digitizer, assorted small Phillips screwdrivers and Torc drivers, a heat gun, scissors, double-sided adhesive tape, and canned or compressed air.

Remove the back cover and battery. Remove the LCD-containing chassis from the motherboard/battery assembly by removing the small screws and cable assemblies. Being careful not to touch the LCD, use the heat gun to warm the adhesive while you remove the digitizer from the front bezel. Wear gloves to prevent injury to the fingers, as the glass is likely to break.

Use the double-sided adhesive tape to apply adhesive to the bezel wherever adhesive has been removed. Use the heat gun to soften the adhesive if necessary. Then, affix the new screen, being careful never to touch the inside, and thread the cable that holds the digitizer to the LCD. Reattach the LCD chassis to the motherboard assembly in the reverse order of its removal. Reinstall the battery, and test your work.

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