How Do You Replace the Ear Cushions on Headphones?


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Remove an ear cushion by placing your finger under the inside and pulling up and away from the headphone base. Gently work your way around the edge of the headphone with the replacement ear cushion, stretching the new cushion across and over the edge of the bud on all sides.

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When replacing the cushions on the Quiet Comfort 15 from Bose, there is normally lining material that should not be removed. Some ear bud cushions have been built to snap uniformly into place, rendering screwdrivers or additional tools unnecessary.

To tease the ear cushion away from a headphone, a flat-headed screwdriver can be used instead of your fingers. Take care not to damage the headphone with the screwdriver when removing or installing an ear bud cushion. Use a gentle pulling method, stretching the cushion away from the headphone to remove it and towards the headphone to install it.

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