How Do You Replace an Audiovox DVD Player Battery?


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To replace an Audiovox DVD player battery, first ensure that the DVD player is set to stop and not plugged into an outlet. Close the DVD player and remove the battery by pressing the release button and sliding the battery toward the rear of the DVD player. Install the new battery by lining it up with the DVD player's front edge, then push it backwards until it clicks and locks into place. Install the battery plug in the DC input jack.

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The Audiovox DVD player comes with two sets of rechargeable batteries. Batteries must have at least eight hours of charge before use. Once the battery is spent, recharge it fully to preserve its battery life. Charge the battery by inserting the power jack into the DVD player and turning off the machine.

To preserve the batteries, only use the compatible AC adapter when charging. Batteries do not charge efficiently when temperatures are below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above 95 degrees Fahrenheit. If the DVD player experiences prolonged periods of no use, remove the battery and store it safely. Make sure to recharge it once every two months. If the battery must stay in the DVD player, charge it once every two weeks.

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