How Do You Replace an Acer Aspire Internal Hard Drive?

How Do You Replace an Acer Aspire Internal Hard Drive?

Replace the internal hard drive of an Acer Aspire by disassembling the laptop and putting a new hard drive in the internal hard drive slot. You only need a screwdriver and a spudger to complete the process.

Turn the netbook upside down, unlock the battery by sliding the switches, and pull it out. Remove the wireless card cover that is on the left when the battery pins are facing away from you. Remove the screws, and pull the card out. Turn the netbook over, and open the display.

Using a spudger, remove the three tabs that keep the keyboard in place. The tabs are under the F2, F8 and Pause keys. Lift the keyboard up, and disconnect the blue ribbon. Close the display, turn over the netbook and remove all screws.

Turn the netbook over again, remove the blue trackpad cable and remove all screws. Lift the top case, and slide the spudger along the edges to open the mini clips that hold the case in place. Disconnect the internal wireless card, a small rectangular card with two antenna cables. Then disconnect the display cable on the top left of the motherboard.

Remove the red and white speaker cable, which is near the place where the wireless card was. Remove the remaining screws that hold the motherboard, and pull the motherboard out. Turn it over, and disconnect the logic board cable that is near the big metal box with holes in it. The metal box holds the hard drive.

Remove the screws that hold the metal box, pull it out and then remove the screws around it. Open the box, pull out the hard drive and put the new one in. Reassemble your netbook by following these steps in reverse order.