How Do You Replace a 10.1-Inch Tablet Screen?


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Replacing the screen on a 10.1-inch tablet requires using a thin sculpting knife or putty knife made of plastic, guitar picks, suction cups a hot air gun and a precision screwdriver. The Samsung Galaxy Note and Toshiba Thrive are good examples of tablets with 10.1-inch screens. Samsung Galaxy Note models have an outer protective screen layer and an inner screen attached to a digitizer cable that connects to the chassis and motherboard.

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The first step is to use the thin sculpting knife to gently pry the back of the tablet from the screen by running it along the seam where the screen and body of the tablet meet, while applying inward pressure to loosen the clips. Once the back separates, carefully disconnect the battery cable and ribbon cables, and remove the battery, making sure not to damage the cable or connectors. Removing the battery prevents electrical shock that may have built up. Depending on the device, the antenna, camera, loudspeaker and microphone are the next group of components that need removal.

Remove the frame from the screen, and use the heat gun to slowly heat the seal that secures the corners of the screen to the protective glass, using guitar picks to keep the two pieces separated. This is a slow process that requires patience to avoid breaking the thin outer layer of protective glass. Once separated, use suction cups for handling the glass. Remove the thin film from the new front digitizer and the film from the edges of the new screen, and replace the screen, frame and outer glass. Reconnect the battery, cables and back of the unit to finish.

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