How Do You Get Repairs for Your HP Monitor?


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Get repairs for an HP monitor by contacting the HP support department and requesting service according to a standard warranty or additional coverage from a Total Care extended warranty, by using the protection from a third party warranty or by contacting a local computer repair shop. In many cases, it is not possible to purchase protection plans after a certain period from the initial date of sale or without registering the product with the company issuing the plan.

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All HP products come with a limited warranty the covers repairs in the event of product malfunction, wherein the damage is not a direct result of owner error or incorrect usage. To initiate repairs under this warranty, contact the HP support department, and provide the serial number and model number of the monitor, as well as your original proof of purchase to have them generate a repair ticket. If you have a Total Care plan, it may cover all forms of damage and only require your care plan number.

Retailers such as Best Buy also offer separate protection plans on the products it sells, including some models of HP monitors. To obtain repairs under one of these plans, contact the Best Buy support department, or take the monitor to the Geek Squad station at a nearby store.

Sites such as Yellowpages.com allow you to search your area for nearby businesses specializing in computer repairs, providing contact information for obtaining a quote on the repair costs.

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