How Do You Repair Windows XP?

How Do You Repair Windows XP?

Microsoft Windows XP can be repaired by performing a Windows repair installation. A Windows repair installation does not affect the data or programs on the hard drive. Unlike a clean installation, a hard drive reformat is not required.

To perform a recovery installation, owners will need to have a Windows XP installation disc and possibly a CD key. Tech experts also recommend that sensitive files be backed up before proceeding.

  1. Insert disc and configure the computer to boot from disk drive
  2. A computer's booting order can be configured by logging into the BIOS screen. Users can enter the BIOS by pressing DEL, F2 or F10, depending on the system. Once done, shut down and reboot.

  3. Launch computer
  4. Booting the computer with the Windows XP disc will bring up a blue screen, followed by the Windows Setup Screen.

  5. Launch recovery
  6. Owners can launch recovery by navigating down with the keyboard to the option that reads "To Repair a Windows XP Installation". A quicker way of launching recovery is to press R on the keyboard.

  7. Authorize repair
  8. Before the repair can be done, owners will need to agree to the terms of the Windows XP Licensing agreement. Once this is done, the Recovery console will initiate a registry repair. In situations where the repair is unable to rectify the problem, a fresh installation may be required.