How Do You Repair a Television?

How Do You Repair a Television?

To repair your television, you must first identify the problem and the model of your television. The most common problems with televisions are screen- and picture-related.

To repair a flat screen television, ensure that whatever screen damage has occurred has not penetrated the layer of plasma or LCD pixels. Deep damage may necessitate replacing the television.

The easiest and safest way to repair a scratched screen is through a scratch kit. Instructions on how to use various scratch kits differ.

You can also use auto rubbing compound and clear lacquer. Simply remove the anti-glare coating from the scratched area, and apply the coating. You can fill the scratched area with petroleum jelly applied to a cotton swab, but this is only a temporary method.

To repair small cracks, clean the surrounding surface with a rag dipped in diluted isopropyl alcohol. Apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly to the crack using an eyeglass cloth. A large crack or a crack in the main focal point necessitates replacement of the screen.

If your screen is broken, you have three options: replacing the screen yourself, having a professional replace it or buying a new television.

To solve screen distortion problems, you can use an external DVD player and a pixel corrector DVD. Begin by disconnecting all devices except the DVD player, and use the television’s manual to select the highest resolution. Insert the pixel corrector DVD into the DVD player, and use the software wizard to guide you through the repair process.