How Do You Repair a Smartphone Screen?

How Do You Repair a Smartphone Screen?

Some methods to repair a cracked or scratched smartphone screen include using Turtle Wax, toothpaste, sandpaper or home repair kits. Screen repairs from manufacturers are typically expensive, but these DIY methods can often help save a cracked or scratched screen.

Rubbing Turtle Wax or other polishing agents on the phone’s screen can help smooth out minor cracks and scratches. However, this method should not be used on phones with an oleophobic coating, such as the iPhone 5. Polishing oleophobic touchscreens can cause serious damage to them.

Toothpaste is another easy method to remove small scratches. Simply dab a small amount of paste onto a cloth or cotton swab and gently rub the cracked areas in a circular motion. After rubbing in the paste, wipe the screen down with a damp cloth. Be sure to use actual paste and not gel.

Sandpaper can help remove more serious scratches from a screen, though phone owners need to be sure to use only the finest and least abrasive type of paper. Cerium oxide mixed with water can also create a polish that can remove tougher scratches. Be sure to check the phone frequently to make sure the sanding or polishing isn’t making the scratches worse.

For the most serious cracks, consider a home repair kit. Websites like and offer repair kits for specific models of phones, and there are many tutorial videos online that show how to use these kits.