How Do You Repair a Scratched CD?


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To repair a scratched CD, rub a dry Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or an oil-based material such as petroleum jelly or toothpaste over the surface of the disc in straight lines from the center outwards. Alternatively, slightly heat the disk with a desk lamp to smoothen the scratches.

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The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pad, which is commonly used in household cleaning, restores the smooth surface of the disc when rubbed over the surface in an outward fashion. Similarly, oils in materials such as shoe polish, window cleaners, metal polishes and toothpaste fill the gaps caused by scratches to repair the CD. Apply a small dab of any of these materials to a clean lint-free cloth, and rub it along the entire length of the scratch. To remove residue, wipe the disk with a cloth, or run it under warm water and wipe it with a dry cloth.

To repair a scratched CD with heat, hold the disc through the ring in the middle onto a desk lamp until it absorbs a little heat. Before handling a scratched disk, wash and dry your hands to avoid further damage on the layer of the disc. However, these methods do not work with Blu-ray discs, as they have a harder coating.

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