How Do You Repair Samsung TV Connections?


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Repair Samsung TV connections by rewiring cables and replacing the broken parts. The exact method of repair depends on the cable type used for a connection. Two common connection types used by Samsung TVs are HDMI and 3.5 mm audio.

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Requiring very precise soldering, repairing an HDMI cable leaves very little room for error for the user. Start by unplugging the both ends of the cable and cutting the connector at the tip with a pair of wire cutters. Take a replacement connector, and connect it to the cable by corresponding the wires by color. An HDMI connector has 19 pins that must correspond with the correct wires. Use an electrical tape to cover exposed wiring, and test connect the cable to your Samsung television to see if it works.

To repair an audio jack you use with your Samsung TV, first cut about 3 inches off the end of the cable. Holding the replacement connector still, connect the blue wire to tip connector, the red wire to the ring connector and the gold wires to the sleeve connector. Squeeze the cable tab at the sleeve connector to tighten the wires, and attach the cover of the cable. Test the cable with your television to see if it works.

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