How Do You Repair the Headphone Socket on a Laptop?


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In order to repair a headphone jack, its sensor needs to be properly cleaned. Cleaning requires using a small tool doused in alcohol that can slide inside the port.

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A headphone port fails when the contacts, which read the auxiliary cable, become dirty. This results in the signal between the cable and ports being blocked. Use the following instructions to repair a headphone port on a laptop.

  1. Prep the cotton swab
  2. The best tool to use for cleaning is a cotton swab. Start by peeling the excess cotton from its tip, leave just enough so it can enter the port.

  3. Soak the cotton swab
  4. Dip the cotton swab in alcohol.

  5. Clean the port
  6. Use alcohol to clean the headphone port on the laptop. Once finished, plug the audio jack in and test to ensure that the headphone port works.

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