How Do You Repair a Flat Ribbon Cable?

How Do You Repair a Flat Ribbon Cable?

In order to repair a flat ribbon cable the solder points or connector will have to be removed from the chip set and replaced. Ribbon cables, also know as flex cables, use different types of connectors depending on the type of electronic they are found in.

Flex cables are either soldered onto a chip set or mounted using a connector. Use the following instructions to replace a flex ribbon on an electrical device.

  1. Disassemble the electrical unit
  2. Take apart the electrical device to reach the ribbon cable.

  3. Disconnect the cable
  4. The ribbon cable will either be clipped in place or soldered on. If soldered, heat up the solder and remove it. If clipped, push down on the release mechanism and pull the cable free.

  5. Replace the cable
  6. Connect or solder the new cable into place, if soldering, be careful not to burn the board.