How Do You Repair a Dual Turntable?


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Repair a Dual turntable by identifying the cause of the problem and following the repair instructions outlined in the service manual. Find free service manuals for your Dual turntable at VinylEngine.

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Before you begin repairing your turntable, make sure that you have access to a clean and dust-free environment. As Dual products contain lots of screws, springs, washers and other small parts, you must also have small containers to make sure you don't lose parts. When you turn the product upside down, place it on a soft surface as the weight can break the tonearm. You should also clip down the tonearm.

The turntable shutting itself up after moving the tonearm up and back down on the rest is a common problem that affects multiple Dual products. To fix it, you must replace the plastic guide at the rear of the tonearm. A replacement guide can last up to 25 years.

Another common problem is the tonearm not setting down properly at the beginning of a record. To fix the problem, adjust the tonearm set down screw. On the Dual 1245, it's under the Dual logo. Find it in a hole under the speed control on the Dual 601 and between the speed control and the cueing layer on a 700 series turntable.

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