How Do You Repair a Cracked Tablet Screen?


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You can repair a cracked tablet screen by purchasing a replacement digitizer, disassembling the relevant parts of the tablet, replacing the digitizer, and putting the entire thing back together. As of 2013, the approximate cost of repairing the cracked tablet screen is $50.

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How Do You Repair a Cracked Tablet Screen?
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Before beginning, you must purchase the new digitizer and also purchase or prepare a heat gun, small screwdrivers, canned air, double-sided adhesive tape, work gloves, and containers to store the small screws while you work.

Begin by removing the back cover and battery of the tablet. Loosen any stuck cables and remove any cables if the clasps are exposed. Now, unscrew the back frame containing the motherboard, and gently pull it from the chassis. Remove any new exposed cables, and then unscrew the other screws to the LCD chassis from the front frame. Now, put on gloves, wave a heat gun over the adhesive joint, and then remove the damaged glass from the front frame, or bezel.

To replace the screen, attach the two-sided tape to areas that have lost their stickiness. Reattach any foam padding or seals, thread the digitizer cable through, and firmly press the digitizer glass to the bezel. Use canned air to remove any dust from the glass and LCD. Reassemble the chassis, frame, and other parts, and test that the device works.

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