How Do You Repair a Broken VCR?


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To repair a broken VCR, open the device, apply lubrication, clean or replace the idler, and clean the tape head. Change worn belts if necessary, and turn off the recording safety switch to enable recording. If the VCR doesn’t turn on, determine if condensation has prompted the dew indicator.

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A VCR that doesn’t turn on usually indicates a power cord, fuse or dew indicator issue. If the device has power but won’t play, check for worn belts or a broken idler. Failure to record may occur due to a faulty recording safety switch.

After identifying the problem, disconnect the power supply to the VCR, unscrew the top cover, and remove the cassette holder lid if possible. Turn the VCR over to remove the bottom cover. Next, remove the circuit board by unfastening its screws and turning the hinges to an unlocked position. The last part to remove is the front panel.

Put a drop of oil beneath the capstan shaft’s washer to lubricate a VCR that eats video cassettes or fails to play or record. Lubricate the roller guides after cleaning them with alcohol. Turn on the VCR so the entire machine becomes lubricated. If the VCR still won’t play, remove the split ring attaching the idler and the shaft using small pliers. Detach the idler, and clean its wheel and pulley with alcohol before carefully replacing it.

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