How Do You Repair a Broken Plasma TV?


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If the scratch or crack on a damaged plasma television screen is not too extensive, it may be possible to repair the television. However, if the damage is too severe, repairs are not feasible. Plasma screens are made up of two pieces of glass with a mixture of gases between them that emit light. If the gases within the set have not escaped, repairing the damage is possible.

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First, you must determine if the gases have escaped. If the outer glass of your plasma television is lightly cracked or scratched, the television will likely work. If you turn on the television and a picture appears, there is no leak. To be sure, touch the crack with your finger. If the crack on the screen feels wet, the gas has escaped.

Next, contact the manufacturer whether there is a leak or not. Ask the manufacturer about repair policies, and determine if the cost to repair your television would be greater than buying a new television.

To repair the set, you need petroleum jelly and a microfiber cloth. First, unplug the set from the wall outlet. Apply a thick coating of petroleum jelly to the crack, and smooth it out with the microfiber cloth until the crack is filled. Clean off any excess petroleum jelly. Plug in the television, and turn the set on. If the picture appears and the cracks disappear, the repair was successful. If not, contact a repair professional for a second opinion.

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