How Do You Repair a Broken Plasma Television Screen?

After determining that the picture on the screen has not been affected, a person can repair a broken plasma screen by spreading petroleum jelly into the cracks and wiping with a soft microfiber cloth. This can be done at home without professional assistance.

If the crack in the screen is large or too deep, then the gases inside may have escaped. In this instance, the television is beyond repair, and a person must replace it instead. If the crack is less extensive, is dry and does not appear to affect the picture quality, then a person should tape over it to prevent further damage. The person should not use or plug in the television during the process of repair.

After removing the tape, a person should apply a thick coat of petroleum jelly directly to the cracks, using the microfiber cloth to gently rub it in until the cracks have been completely filled. At this point, a person can wipe away the excess jelly.

In order to test the success of the repair, a person should reconnect the television to an outlet and switch it on. If the picture appears and the cracks are not visible, then the problem has likely been solved.

If this is not the case, it may be necessary to contact a professional. Repair shops will be able to provide a quote after assessing the damage.