How Do You Repair Broken Headphones?

How Do You Repair Broken Headphones?

The most common reason for headphones to stop working is because one or more wires have become disconnected inside the cable. To fix this problem, you need a small screwdriver, wire cutters, a craft knife, insulating tape, soldering iron and solder. You must locate the break and solder the pieces together to repair the error before reinsulating the piece.

  1. Locate the break in the lead

    If wires have disconnected, the lead has a break in it. Use your fingers to feel the cable; a kink in the cable indicates a disconnected wire. Make sure that the headphones are not connected as you begin to work with it.

  2. Cut open the lead insulation

    Using wire cutters, carefully cut open the insulation where the break occurs without cutting through the wires. This allows you to see the wires.

  3. Find the broken wires

    Once you cut open the insulation, you can see the wires within it. Broken wires are ones that have become disconnected, resulting in a space within the length of the wire. Confirm which wire or wires have broken.

  4. Strip the ends of the wire

    Before fixing the wire, carefully strip the rest of the insulation off of the ends with wire cutters. This reveals the bare metal.

  5. Solder the wire back together

    Use the solder iron to heat the solder. Use the solder to rejoin the two pieces of the broken wire.

  6. Wrap insulating tape

    After fixing the wire, wrap insulating tape around the rejoined ends. Keep wrapping insulating tape a few inches up the lead to ensure stability and prevent further damage.